When we talk about "xu", what comes in your mind? 

In Mandarin, "xu" describes something bleak and useless. But in Cantonese, it is related with "going to market", a scene of bustling with life. 

Thus, "xu" has a special meaning to people in a Cantonese speaking environment. 

However, as time passed us by, "xu" once was so close now becomes the most familiar stranger, left only in the memory of the older generation. 

As the rendezvous for Guangzhou's cultural and creative industries, Redtory has bought the two industry tightly together and put it under one roof and dedicated to make this the most distinctive and influential cultural and creative zone in Guangzhou. 

 By combining traditional and modern creative ideas, Redtory had suggested that R-market should have a retro feel. By fusing modern creative arts with the disappearing southern market culture Redtory has revitalized Guangzhou’s local folk culture, and giving enthusiastic young creative people a chance to show and an outlet for their artistic creations.   

Hence, the renaming of "Creative market" to "R-market" is a metamorphosis rather than simply an upgrade. Of course, it is also a kind of progression. We have nowhere to escape faced with the pain of progression; from vendors to management, whether it be compliance or execution of rules, we will do everything to the extreme, because all we wanted was to preserve and to extend the memory we have of “xu”. Let the recollection from the elders be the memory for the younger ones for all future generations to come.  

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Lantern Festival, which is Chinese traditional festival, is on the date of 24th February this year.Chinese people named the January on the lunar calendar “Yuan” Month, called the night “Xiao”, and the 15th day of the lunar calendar is a day with full-moon so that the Lantern Festival was called “Yuan Xiao Jie” in Chinese (also called “Shang Yuan Jie”). According to the folk tradition, people get together to enjoy the lantern lights, to play some games, to eat some rice balls happily with family or friends.
As the old saying goes, "Fireworks on Spring Festival’s Eve, Lanterns on the Yuan Xiao", it means that the Spring Festival won’t be ended until “Yuan Xiao Jie”. So the “Yuan Xiao Jie” would be the grand finale of the New Year. On the occasion, Redtory will host a garden party with games, R-market, rice balls, exhibition and outdoor movie! Welcome to join us and to feel the traditional festival culture with family and friends at Redtory!
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