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Security officer


  1. Between 22 to 35 years old, taller than 170cm; well-featured; army veteran is preferred;
  2. Have knowledge in fire control and security, familiar with property and company’s fire control and security working process;
  3. Polite and friendly; with good work ethics; no bad records;
  4. Have monitoring experience is preferred
Remark: 12 hours working shift

Property manager


  1. Responsible for the inspection of certain districts and supervise all alterations or reconstructions , follow up and deal with or rectify any illegal related matters ; 
  2. Follow up on contacting clients and their business needs;
  3. Handle clients' complaints and other demands, and then referred to relevant departments;
  4. Keeping good relationship with clients and visit periodically;
  5. Supervise public area's sanitation and go green on all maintenance;
  6. Assist department leaders to organize activities and related promotion;
  7. Complete other work assigned by superior. 
*If approved, our company will make an appointment to interview candidates. 



  1. Middle school qualification or above with at least one year working experience; must be age 45 years old or below;
  2. Holder of a valid Special Profession Operation Certificate, electrician qualification or related qualification is preferred;
  3. Able to grasp electrician’s basic skills, possess a strong professional knowledge;
  4. Healthy, well-behaved, earnest and responsible; with certain talking skills;
  5. Have working experience in large-scale industry or Property Company is preferred. 



  1. Major in journalism, Chinese or similar;
  2. Bachelor degree or above, with magazine editing experience is preferred;
  3. Outgoing and communicative, with keen news sense; adept in getting first-hand information;
  4. Familiar with magazine editing process; with proficient writing skills, able to edit, modify and polish manuscripts;
  5. Love culture and arts; with certain knowledge of cultural creativity industry;
  6. Please attach personal works in resume. 

Interior designer


  1. Bachelor degree or above in interior design, environmental art design or related majors;
  2. With good understanding and creativity in terms of space design;
  3. Have certain hand drawing ability; familiar with material application; able to complete a program creation independently; skilled in AutoCAD, PS and other professional paint software;
  4. Possess team spirits, adaptability and communication skills;
  5. Have experience in project design, experience of 2 years or above is preferred. 

Online store operation staff


  1. Familiar with Taobao’s online retail platform, especially its regulation and operation procedure and possessing experience on promotional tools like Taobao Express, Taoke, Gold Booth, etc.;
  2. Reponsible for the planning of online activities and special topics; optimizing online promotion and its effects;
  3. Responsible for credibility safeguard of Taobao store; liaison with Taobao service department to ensure the smooth running of internet store's business; able to lead service team to complete all daily sale task and requirement;
  4. Able to divide duties to individual staff; able to execute the store’s operation specification and process and able to formulate documents;
  5. Outgoing and communicative, able to withstand pressure, possess good knowledge of network marketing, interpersonal communication skills, team spirits; actively organizing and cooperating with team to plan and implement marketing strategies. 

Video editor (full time/part time)


  1. College degree or above in media or design with at least one year working experience;
  2. Have strong aesthetic views, originality and excellent screen capture ability;
  3. Expert in photograph, good at color orientation, picture composition and a unique grasp on lens application;
  4. Skilled in mainstream video editing softwares, ie, PS, After Effect, Illustrator, Edius and Video Studio Pro, etc;
  5. Adept in various video or audio files conversion and coded format;
  6. Possessing competent news sensibility and text organizing ability and have a strong interest in video editing;
  7. Proactive to work, full of team spirit, good communication skills, independent thinking skills and problem-solving ability;
  8. Male has first priority.  

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