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【RMCA Exhibition】There is no problem - Shen Shaomin ’s project


There is no problem - Shen Shaomin ’s project

Artist: Shen Shaomin

Curator: David Elliott

Organizer: Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art | RMCA

Co-organizer: White Box Art Centre (Beijing)

Academic Schedule:

December 5

3:00PM Academic Lecture: David Elliott

3:00PM Following You - Thinking about Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art
4:00PM Academic Dialogue: David Elliott ×  Shen Shaomin
4:30PM Opening Ceremony
5:00PM Docent Tour with Curator/ Media Interview
5:00PM  “Propping My Shadow” Release of Poems Collection


January 9    

Academic Dialogue: What art is or is not

Speakers: Pi Daojian × Zhang Zhiyang

Mid-March of 2016

Public Education Event: Joint Docent Tour with Director of RMCA and Artist

Guests: Yang Xiao, Shen Shaomin

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Duration:2015.12.5 - 2016.5.23
Hall 1&2, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art | RMCA, E7/E9 Galleries

 (Redtory Art District, No. 128 Yuancun Siheng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China)

Organized by Guangzhou Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA) and curated by the renowned international curator David Elliott, the major exhibition “There is no problem - Shen Shaomin’s project” launched on Hall 1, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art at the afternoon of December 5th, 2015. The exhibition this time is the first time to hold a major solo exhibition of Shen Shaomin in a dozen years in mainland China, including 6 installations artworks and a large-scale art project presenting in half performance and half literatures and documents. The whole exhibition takes place in 4 halls in Redtory Art District and a portion of outdoor spaces which is the hugest exhibition in terms of space-covering since RMCA started.At the date of the opening ceremony, the organizer invited the curator David Elliott and the artist Shen Shaomin to conduct an academic dialogue in artistic concepts, practice and culture meaning. During the exhibition period, the organizer also will invite the art theorist Pi Daojian and philosopher Zhang Zhiyang to conduct another academic dialogue “What art is or is not”.

David Elliott is a curator, writer and professor of modern and contemporary art who has directed museums in Oxford, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Istanbul. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Triangle Art Network/Gasworks in London, Chairman of the Advisory Board of MOMENTUM in Berlin and a Visiting Professor in Curatorship at the Chinese University in Hong Kong.Shen Shaomin was born in 1956 in Heilongjiang Province in China and he currently lives and works between Beijing, China and Sydney, Australia. He is an internationally famous artist in contemporary installation and conceptual art. Most of his artworks are installation, video and conceptual painting which always circuitously present the living condition of contemporaries and introspect profoundly. 

The title of this exhibition is derived from a laconic remark made by Marcel Duchamp, the inventor of the ready-made, whose influence could be seen especially in an installation artwork “Art History” recently created by Shen Shaomin. Besides, the works “Kowtow Pump”, “Bonsai”, “How long is infinity”, “I Sleep on Top of Myself” and “I touched the voice of God”  are shown to the public in Redtory Art District, which were once caught the attentions of international art community. In the work of “Art History”, Shen not only copies, condenses and amplifies the modern art master Duchamp’s artistic concept, but also encourages every visitor to make a comment to the motif of what art it is. All visitors’ comments will compose the artwork itself along with Duchamp’s artistic concept. Moreover, entitled with “I amthe result of myself”,Shen Shaomin announced the processing method to handle his remains after he die. On the one side, he, in the flesh, performed on the exhibition site to show the current energetic living-condition. On the other side, tens of artists’ schemes about how to transfer different parts of his remains into works are shown in exhibition.

The curator David Elliott indicates that Shen Shaomin treats the fragile and transient life of human being as treasures and meanwhile he feels profoundly fear for the reckless destruction human ubiquitously and continuously conduct to the their own living environment. Nevertheless, his creation still reveals the wonderful aspiration deep inside his mind: no matter what the artistic problems or other problems of human’s society are, there is no problem after the solutions are put forward and move forward.

This exhibition will last until April 5th, 2016.

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