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Tape Art around the World: China


Tape Art around the World: China

December, 10th 2016 – May, 7th 2017


In cooperation with Redtory, the Consulate General of Germany in Guangzhou organizes the exhibition and interactive action event“Tape Art around the World”. It will open its doors at Redtory on December 10th 2016, 17.00hrs, in hall A3, and will be the only Tape That exhibition in China.

The three artists from Tape That, a Berlin-based group of 6 performance artists, are excited to be on their first trip to China. The Tape Art Collective is a highly renowned art group exploring new ways of expressing ideas, creativity and vision. Though the main activities of the group revolve around Berlin, Tape That is active in many other cities in Europe and throughout the World.

They use ordinary tape as primary material, design a plan inspired by the available location and get going!

Adhesive tape installations of all colors and sizes take shape and come alive as the artists perform: creating a magical illusion rising from simple lines. Their style ranges from colorful, complex tape and light installations to minimalist black and white murals.

After every performance, new bodies of shape and light would result from the work of the gifted trio.

About the Aritsts


Tape That, the Berlin-based artists group of six artist is specialized on tape art. They are a highly recommended artists group exploring new ways of expressing ideas, creativity and vision.


They create artworks made solely out of adhesive tape - tapes of all colors, sizes and materials. Their artworks range from room-filling installations to abstract structures combined with light projections and classical tape art murals.


Their tape artworks can be found in a variety of places, such as underground nightclubs, abandoned buildings, showrooms and galleries. While focused on Berlin, Tape That is active in many other cities, nationally and internationally, with recent and ongoing projects in Egypt (Cairo, Minya), Spain (Palma de Mallorca), Qatar (Doha), Bulgaria (Sofia), Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Battam Bang), and the UK (London).


Working as a collective every one of them brings in his and her own ideas and approaches when realizing new projects. Every member of Tape That has different personal and artistic backgrounds. Since the foundation of their collective they have been working within an open and creative process. They have learned to complement and inspire each other with their individual abilities and styles.


For each of their projects they have a strong focus on cooperation – not only within the group but also with the organizations they work with, other artists, art enthusiasts and art novices. By cooperating with people from all over the world they get the most out of every artwork.


The creative inputs they received in each artwork creation have helped them to develop their art and to open up to new challenges. The positive feedback towards their artworks has motivated them to bring Tape-Art closer to people from different cultures.

Art Events

December, 9th 2016 | Friday

Live Performance

Guests:Nicolas Micheal Gerhard Lawin,  Stefan Busch,  Stephan Walter Meißner


December, 10th 2016 9:30-17:00 | Saturday A3, Redtory


Guests:Nicolas Micheal Gerhard Lawin,  Stefan Busch,  Stephan Walter Meißner


December, 10th 2016 17:00 | Saturday A3, Redtory

Opening Ceremony

Subscribe to "红专厂Redtory" and reply "胶带艺术" to participate in opening ceremony . Or reply Tape Art to participate in the workshop activity and opening ceremony, the workshop is based on a first-come, first-served basis.


During the exhibition, there would be a series of art events, such as workshops and live performances.


Pay attention to the official wechat accounts for further information.

About the Art Events


Workshops are aiming to provide participants with the basic of theoretical and practical framework of art-taping. After the introduction in the topic, explanation about materials and techniques will follow. Afterwards the practical part will take place with drafting and taping ideas on wooden plates. The whole process will supervised by the artists. Finally, the artworks will be presented in a ‘mini’ exhibition.


Live Performance:

Since tape art is a very young art form, people are amazed by the idea itself and the ability to witness the creative process first hand. That’s why the artists always hold live performance. During the whole process spectators can ask questions and get professional answers directly. Here is the chance to spectator the development from the very beginning of tape-art work.


The fascination of tape art lies in the combination of endless creative possibilities and the natural limitations of an everyday material. As a relatively new art form, most people are reluctant or even skeptical of when they first get in contact with tape art. This skepticism quickly turns into amazement when bits and pieces come together and people would wonder the finished artwork.


On December 9th  the artists from Tape That, Nicolas Lawin,  Stefan Busch and  Stephan Meißner  will host a live performance at Redtory. Guests are invited to witness the birth of an artwork! During the performance, guests can get into direct dialogue with the artists, ask questions and get professional answers. 


On December 10th , an interactive workshop will be held with participation from the audience, who will greatly benefit theoretical and practical hands on education in the art of taping. Thus, Tape-Art will foster and develop Sino-German cultural ties and bring people from both countries together while sharing artistic creativity.


The project also includes a series of events, please check our official WeChat accounts for further information.


The exhibition will be on display until May, 7th 2017.

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