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Being and Inking – Documenting Contemporary InkArt (2001-2016)


Being and Inking – Documenting Contemporary InkArt (2001-2016)

Curator     Pi Daojian   Yan Yong

Organizer   Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art | RMCA

Hall 1&2, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA), E7 Gallery, D6 Gallery

2016.6.5 - 9.4

Organized by Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by the celebrated art critic Pi Daojian and the young scholar Yan Yong, the large-scale international art exhibition entitled “Being and Inking: Documenting Contemporary InkArt (2001-2016)”, will be launched on RMCA at the afternoon of June 5th, 2016. At the date of the opening ceremony, the renowned art critics Liu Xiaochun, Wang Huangsheng, Lu Mingjun, Hu Bin, Wei Xiangqi, and so on, will be invited to conduct an academic dialogue “The Ink Character in InkArt”.

This exhibition is the most important thematic exhibition of literature and artworks of contemporary ink arts after the exhibition “China: 20 Years of Ink Experiment(1980-2001)” launched 15 years ago on Guangdong Museum of Art and planned by Pi Daojian and Wang Huangsheng, the former head of GMoA. The artworks part of this exhibition is composed of 2 sections, Tianxia (“the world”) and Wanglai (“Departing-Arriving”), which are organized thematically into 5 units, “Savoring Hsiang”, “Viewing Tao”, “New World”, “Substance-Function” and “Circulation-Alternation”. The exhibits include works by 61 artists from America and Japan, as well as from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. The curators believe that, since the turn of the 21st century, ink character, spirit and manner have manifested themselves into a variety of modern and contemporary approaches, which are a critical venture to discover “other modernities” in our time made possible by the cultural heritage of the East, through the reciprocal gestures of cultural gifting and the cross-referencing in the diverse cultural and historical context. The exhibition tries to reveal the diversity of contemporary arts from the perspective of Tianxia, and offer an understanding of various on-going changes in InkArt in the context of Wanglai,  thus clearly showing the InkArt system and its development in the open, future-oriented and global vision of art.

The more than 60 exhibits includes paintings, digital video arts, installation and performance arts. Two installation-performance arts will be conducted on opening ceremony. For the first, the artist Sherman Lin will invite the curators, as well as some famous artists and critics with significant contribution to InkArt, to finish his work together; and the second is the artist Song Dong’s new work Blank Stele which is awaiting interaction with audiences. Taking place in 4 halls in Redtory Art District, the “Being and Inking” exhibition will also introduce as part of itself another special show “A Legacy of Ink Lui Shou-kwan 40 Years On”. Further, the literatures part of the exhibition includes records of important exhibition activities and artistic events, and selects documents of significant discussions of artistic criticism concerning the development of InkArt from 2001 to 2016.

During the exhibition period, The Organizer will hold another two academic dialogues, “The Contemporariness of InkArt” (by the end of June) and “On ways and senses of Circulation-Alternation and Substance-Function” (in the middle of July).

The exhibition will last until August 8.

Academic Schedule

Being and Inking – Documenting Contemporary InkArt (2001-2016)

Sunday, June 5th, 2016 

11:30, [E7 Gallery]

The interaction of Blank Stele performance and installation

Guest: Song Dong

14:30,[Hall 1, RMCA]

Academic Dialogue: The Ink Character in InkArt - Savoring Hsiang and Viewing Tao

Host: Pi Daojian

Guests: Liu Xiaochun, Wang Huangsheng, Lu Mingjun, Hu Bin, Yan Yong , Wei Xiangqi

17:00,[Hall 1, RMCA]

Opening Ceremony

The behavior creation of The Wall

Guests: Sherman Lin, Pi Daojian, Wang Huangsheng etc.

18:00,[Hall 1, RMCA]

Docent tour with curator

Guest: Pi Daojian

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Late June, 2016


The Contemporariness of InkArt:

The Shapes of Being

Mid-July, 2016

Academic: Departing-Arriving: On ways and senses of Circulation-Alternation and Substance-Function

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2016.6.5 – 2016.8.8


Hall 1&2, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art (RMCA), E7 Gallery, D6 Gallery (Redtory Art District, No. 128 Yuancun Siheng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China)

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