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Redtory occupies 170 thousand square meters with a building area of 57 thousand square meters. City planners has enable Redtory to become the center of Guangzhou's CAD. Nearly a hundred of famous creative organizations, workshops, art galleries, fashion shops and theme restaurants have settled in here. Redtory has become a successful multifunctional platform that can fulfill the development of the creative industry comprehensively.

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Guangzhou Redtory Art & Design Co. Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise. The company’s success in rapid turnover and realiable image is driven by their new system of organization and their devotion to self-improvement, innovation and development. 

The company administers Redtory Property Management Center, which has various engineering and technical management personnel. These personnel are all holders of certificate of property management, diplomas of related skills or other professional titles. The Center is involved in every facet of property management in the Redtory area, including power supply and distribution, water supply and emission, fire extinguisher system, sercurity system and parking auto-management system. They have complete technical support and rich experience in management, which makes them an ideal partner for tailoring a cost-effective facility management plan based upon different functional and utility demands. The center operates responsibly in good maintenance of all facility systems and fast reaction in repairing services. Meanwhile, the center lays great stress on personnel training. They arrange regular trainings and practices for improving the skill and services of their staff. 

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  • Recently the rainy season, some area in redtory might have water phenomenon, please pay attention to safety,thanks.
  • Redtory creative market upgrade to "R-Market"!
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