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Wu Guanzhong: A Twentieth Century Chinese Artist

Opening Time: May 22, 2012, 15:00

Venue: C1 Gallery, Redtory, Guangzhou

Organizer: Redtory·Culture & Art Organization

Co-organizer: Wu Guanzhong Art Research Center of Tsinghua University



May 26, 2012, organized by Redtory Culture & Art Organization, co-organized by Wu Guanzhong Art Research Center of Tsinghua University, “A Twentieth Century Chinese Artist – Wu Guanzhong” will be held in C1 Gallery, Redtory, Guangzhou. As one of the most influential characters in the history of Chinese modern art, Mr. Wu Guanzhong had been ceaselessly exploring on the nationalization of oil painting as well as the modernization of Chinese painting. He put forth ideas such as abstract beauty, beauty in form and form determines content in succession; he also pointed out the relation between life and art by comparing it to the unbroken line linking to a kite. These ideas were all reflected in his art practice.

In Mr. Wu Guanzhong’s art works, we could always feel like bathed in the warmest praise to life and the deepest love towards our motherland. Based on such affection, we’re going to show and probe deeply into Mr. Wu Guanzhong’s works in various periods of his art life. Every life is comprised of something special. We hope every viewer can find out his/her own peculiarity while reading the “sceneries” by Mr. Wu Guanzhong.



Coffee at Night  60×49cm  1989


Village beside a River  70cm×140cm  1991


Crane Dance  67×135cm  2002

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