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“Here——Works by Sun Xiaofeng Exhibition”     
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“Here——Works by Sun Xiaofeng Exhibition”


Opening: 15:00 July 20, 2013

Duration: July20 - August 18, 2013

Venue: E7 Gallery, Guangzhou, Redtory

Organizers: Redtory Culture & Art Organization
                   Guangzhou Dadian Exhibition Ltd.


I have never left myself. No matter where, in which city, on which highway, in which bed, I am always with myself.”——Sun Xiaofeng

In 2010, Sun wandered around different cities, from which inspiration of works in this exhibition appeared. In his works, one can see familiar matters like buildings on a car flashed by, crisscross viaduct, cold traffic direction board, while all of these make people feel weird on account of their twisty arrangement. This manifests Sun"s emotion exactly on the road: he arrived at the city in a hurry with no local knowledge. What he could do is to peep the surface of the city as a spectator. Cities went by constituted his personal history, and keeping as a "foreigner" enables him to maintain calm during a boring life. Realities around him could gradually be forgotten, including himself.

During the trip shuffling back and forth, stuffs in his memory fled. Stones in the Summer Palace were put before the lattice window in the Humber Administrator"s Garden; bamboos in Wang Xizhi"s former residence were planted behind the rockery in Zhongshan Park. The simple color as black, white and yellow in works led spectators into a new journey, in which the washy ink permeating and flowing is the reality that the painter cannot avoid, and is an ambiguous hit of his personal experience.

“Body is the habitat of one"s experience and memory, no matter how I avoid, whenever and wherever, I am always with myself.”

About Sun Xiaofeng

1972  Born in Chenghai, Guangdong

1994  Graduated from the Art Department of South China Normal University

Now the Executive Director for the Shanshang Space in Guangdong


 Main Exhibitions:

2012  Three bedrooms and a lounge——Art SpaceTHE SECOND)” (Shantou,Guangdong)

2011 Supratidal——Guangdong New Ink-wash Painting” (Shantou,Guangdong)


2010 “GPS-The Eight Style Of Guangzhou Youth Arts"- Art Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, South China Normal University (Guangzhou, Guangdong)

2009, China Barbie” - Sun XiaoFeng Oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing ,China)

HAYA Art Exhibition -The Opening Ceremony (Guangzhou, Guangdong)

 ”Esthete’s Desires" – Bao Li Zhong Yu Plaza

2008, “Children Team 2008 of Sun XiaoFeng” - Contemporary Visual Range Series Exhibition (Xiamen, China)

 “China New Young Artists Series”

Guangzhou Station- Special Exhibitions of Contemporary Art in Guangdong, Guangdong Gallery (Guangzhou,Guangdong)

2007, Exhibition of Artist Promotion in Songzhuang, Shangshang Gallery (BeijingChina)

The 2nd of Guangdong New Youth Art Exhibition —Forward! Forward! Forward! (Guangzhou,China)

Surfing (Shanghai, China)

Sun Xiaofeng Solo Exhibition (Guangzhou, China)

2006  New Reform -  Academic Invitational Exhibition 2006  (Guangzhou, China)

"Innovation of ink" - Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink-wash Painting, (Guangzhou, China)

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition: Urbanism Status,Tallinn Museum ,Estonia

2005,The 2nd Guangzhou TriennialUnlike: an extraordinary experimentation space for modernization (Guangzhou, China)

2004 The 5th Kwangju Biennial: A Grain of Dust, A Drop of Water (KwangjuKorea)

Open Attitude - The First Guangdong New Youth Art Exhibition (Guangzhou, China)

2003 The 18th Asian International Art Exhibition (Hong KongChina)

Changing Direction - Invitational exhibition by Contemporary Artists (ChongqingChina)

2001, The 6th Documental Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Arts (Shanghai and Beijing, China)

2000, Individual and Society in the Art Community - Art Works by 11 Chinese Young Artists  (Guangzhou, China)

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