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"Present:  Works by Li Jiandong Exhibition"


Opening: 15:00 July 20, 2013

Venue: E9 Gallery, Redtory, Guangzhou

Duration: July 20 - August 18, 2013

Organizers: Redtory Culture & Art Organization

Guangzhou Dadian Exhibition Ltd.


Ancient seal-themed, Li offered an open-ended interpretation towards seal which was treated as keepsake, as symbol of status and identification. Works in this show are different from traditional ink paintings. They seem to be doodled while in fact containing profound intellection. The solidification and metallization of ink conveys discomposure, fear even a feeling of convulsion.


Li"s ink painting is kind of highly objectified ink painting. Being rendered the sense of binding, an exchange, or a present, which means the idea"s existence in different space-time. The works manifest ambiguity, uncertainty, transformation, variation ability, nonreligious, query towards social morality and pry into people"s inner world. All of these formed the knowledge of today"s world and the introspection of one"s own cultural environment. Years later, those keepsakes would present in an evidence library of one certain epoch with the manner of self-verification.


To Li, these works are both practiced and experimental. On one hand, it shows Li"s choice after his recognition of his personal history. On the other hand, it is his testimony of historical consciousness open for the future.

Li was split here: past, now, future, as well as the infinite unknown after the future.


About Li Jiandong

1961, Li was born in Yunnan Kunming. He was a Professor in Arts College, Yunnan Arts University. Distinguished Professor in Arts College, Capital Normal University and Traditional Chinese Painting College, Central Academy of Fine Arts.  Member of China Artists Association, Chinese Calligraphers Association. Work and live in Beijing and Kunming.


Solo exhibition:

Works by Li Jiandong Exhibition, Kunming, Yunnan, 1993

Works by Li Jiandong Exhibition, Munich, Germany, 1995

Works by Li Jiandong Exhibition, Augsburg, Germany, 1996

Works by Li Jiandong Exhibition, San Francisco, America, 1997

Works by Li Jiandong Exhibition, Munich, Germany, 1998

Works by Li Jiandong Exhibition, Paris, France, 1998



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