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Infinite Quest——Kan Tai-keung Solo Exhibition

Opening: 15:00 - 17:30 July 5, 2013

Duration: July 5 - August 26, 2013

Venue: C1, Art Centre, Redtory, Guangzhou



School of Visual Art Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Industrial Design Museum

The Guangdong Artists Association

Redtory Culture & Art Organization



City Universty of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Design Institute

Cheung Kong School of Art & Design

Interaction Design Committee



Redtory Culture & Art Organization
Sandu Cultural Media


Dao, the originator of heaven and earth, possesses no concrete shape but suffuses the entire world. A quest of Dao, drawing wisdom from the Logicians and the Legalists, alternating with time and nature, holds no rules and no forms but discovers the real world. Kan Tai-keung has been in design industry for more than 40 years. After the exhibition Hong Kong Design Legacy and Beyond—the 70 Fruitful Years of Kan Tai-keung last years, he initiates the exhibition Infinite Quest with various of his designs to explore the Chinese philosophical concept Dao, the subtle yet complicated drive in everything. The questing of Dao, without any ideological restraints, is an exploration in comply with nature, a liberty in dynamic space, and possibility of every kind.


With audaciousness and love for aesthetics in his nature, Kan Tai-keung has inspired many who are pursuing a creative career. As a truly intellectual with great responsibility, he never stops thinking or improving himself. And this is the key of his quest of Dao—seasoned by life, he has acquired tranquility. Though known as the father of Hong Kong design, he is incredibly modest with strong desire for knowledge. His endless pursuing in aesthetics, the inheriting and transcending of traditional culture and modern design perfectly reflect the philosophical sprit of the quest of Dao. In his seventies, endowed with the wisdom of age and the energy of life, Kan Tai-keung keeps in imaging, thinking and creating.


Based on a deep understanding of traditional Chinese culture and western modern design concepts, Kan Tai-keung wonderfully incorporates them together in his work. From employing western design concepts in his early stage to turning to Chinese ink painting, Kan Tai-keung has been experimenting in different paths and finally developed his unique Kan Style: strong composition, elegant colors and profound meaning. His merry and lively strokes fully express his understanding of western modern visions, art and philosophy. And such vigorous expression itself is the quest of Dao that beyond any defined spirit and is able to guide viewers to somewhere they have never been.


The exhibition is planned by Redtory Culture & Art Organization and other design schools and culture institutions located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shantou. Numerous masterpieces by Kan Tai-keung will be displayed: educational, commercial and non-commercial works including posters, books, stamps, corporate visual identity designs and valuable manuscripts. Viewers can fully experience Kan’s unique style and join him in the quest of Dao. For mainland designers, it is a wonderful opportunity to study from the master and communicate with each other.


Kan Tai-keung:


Kan Tai-keung, a world-renowned designer and artist, has been devoted to design industry since 1967, and started his own company in 1976. Kan was the first designer elected as one of the "Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons" in 1979; he was also the only designer to receive the Urban Council Design Grand Award in 1984, the 1991 Artists of the Year from the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild and the winner of Hong Kong Achievement Award in 1998. He was conferred Honour of Bronze Bauhinia Star in 1999. In 2010, he commended officially by receiving the Honor of Silver Bauhinia Star.


Kan’s important awards include: Gold Awards, International Art Competition, Los Angeles; Gold Award in Mercury Award and Grand Winner of Galaxy Awards, New York; 1st Prize in the 1st International Computer Art Biennale in Rzeszów, Poland. His art and design works have earned him international publicity through exposures in overseas exhibitions, and are collected by famous galleries and museums such as Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Museum of Art and The United States of Minnesota Ming City Art Museum, etc. Some of his classic designs include the logo of Bank of China he designed in the 80s which won him a CA award and international reputation, and the logo of Wing Wah that carries both traditional and modern culture elements. Kan has great passion about Chinese ink painting, many of his posters convey the spirit of ink painting, and the most representative design is the poster for his mentor Lv Shoukun’s exhibition Shui Mo—the New Spirit of Chinese Traditionin 1985.


Kan also actively involves in educating and promoting art and design profession in the whole greater China region; and his works have witnessed the development of Hong Kong design industry.

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