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Meeting The Children of The Stars

Children from the Sea: When I Meet You—The Children of the World Integration Art Exhibition (Guangzhou), Redtory Special Exhibition


Duration: June 23---July 21

Venue: A6 Redtory

Organizers: China Science and Technology Museum, The Chinese people"s Political Consultative Conference Report, China Youth Palace Association, The Communist Youth League Committee of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Disabled persons’ Federation, The Communist Youth League Committee of Guangzhou, Guangzhou Disabled persons’ Federation

Co-organizers: Redtory Culture and Art Organization, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Guangzhou Children’s Palace


Kuiwe Xiao n, who takes a journey to the moon in his paintings, is among the three kids suffering from autism that present their works in this exhibition. In reality, autism patient is often referred as “star child”. Each of them is like a lonely planet revolving in silence. Their existence seems within our sight. Yet it actually takes a light year to reach. There have been more and more movies, reports and activities about the star children that attract public attention. The understanding of star children appears to be improving. However, it is difficult to judge if such an understanding is based upon objective knowledge or merely upon a fantasy.


Zhaobo Huang, another star child that joins the exhibition, is polite and clear in both his thoughts and his speech. He communicates with people so well that people believe he doesn’t “look like” an autism patient. But if you share more time with him, or listen to the father about his stories, you will get to know that he has over 100 reasons to reject going out, regardless of the 100 reasons that will be benefiting his emotion, economic or health. He resists physical contact with people so severely that even a share of space will bring him the fear of polluted air by other people’s skin. He wears thick clothes and gloves when he is playing tennis, and he doesn’t take off those gloves even when he is shaking hands with people. The typical Zhaobo Huang hidden under his typical appearance will never show until you approach him closely enough. Even at that close range, you still cannot land on Zhaobo Huang’s planet.


Yizhe Wei has a “typical look” of a child suffering from autism. He stutters when he is speaking, he cannot control his emotions or hold his concentration, and his communication ability is quite limited. Many people believe in the autism genius legend. And he is so typical as to have an outstanding talent in arts: an extraordinary painter and an excellent piano player. However, as related by Yizhe Wei’s mother, it is rarely known to people that Yizhe Wei spent much more time than normal kids in practicing his piano. The gift in a star child does not give him any privilege. On the contrary, due to their barriers in performing social functions, they need extra support from various channels to make themselves real artists.


When I Meet You, the special exhibition held in Redtory presents quietly the works of these three kids, the works reveal their vision, love, and mental structure. With their intricate and fascinated stories, the little princes leave their planet temperately for a visit to the worlds of others. This exhibition, however, does not aim to show how great talent they own. It is to present to the public how fragile foundation on which their talent is built, because normally there are parents and family that work very hard to support them. The outdoor event Istore aims to bring to such talents some economic value, by helping the star children break through the door and connect in their own special way with the world outside. 


There are no two roses that are alike. Smart people who are well capable to walk and to sing are so used to live among their kinds, but are they ready to depart from their own planet and sail for the planets of the star children?


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