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: Kingdom of Animated Characters


Opening: 15:00 May 31, 2013 

Duration: May 31 - June 23, 2013

Venue: E9, Redtory, Guangzhou

Organizers: The Japan Foundation (Beijing)

                   Japan Consulate General in Guangzhou

                   Redtory Culture and Art Organization


The exhibition (Kingdom of Animated Characters) will be hosted jointly by The Japan Foundation (Beijing) and Japan Consulate General in Guangzhou. In this exhibition the classical cartoon characters will be displayed in the order of their respective era.


Astro Boy in the 1950"s, Ultraman in the 1960"s, Hello Kitty in the 1970"s, Dora A Dream in the 1980"s and Chibi Maruko Chan in the 1990"s.  All these were very popular in China especially Astro Boy, he has entertained generation to generation, it can be said he was every youngster"s hero. In this particular exhibition we can go back in time and follow the footsteps in the animation kingdom searching for our childhood buried deep in our memories and can look back at those famous cartoon characters that has inspired and influenced us for several generations.


This exhibition looks at why these subcultures of animated characters have had such phenomenon attentions in all corners of the globe. The exhibition reveals to the audience the world in which these individual lives, the role they played, the background they played in and how they reflect the reality of society of that era.


The exhibits will be displayed as status in different forms and materials, models, scene rooms, videos and some animation peripheral products. There will also be story boards and associated publications introducing their character role and background of that particular era.


This is not only the opportunity for the public to be close with their favourite cartoon characters of different era, but to understand the cartoon culture and a good opportunity to be acquainted with their role and background they played in.


Hopefully through this exhibition by close contact and by looking back at the history of animation, the public will understand the cartoon culture and injects fresh elements into the animation industry.


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Beijing Address: d09-1, 798 Art District, No. 4, Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: +86 10 5762 3016;

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