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The City of Peace—Paintings by French Artist Gilles RIEU


Duration: May 25 - June 23, 2013

Venue: E7 Gallery, Redtory, Guangzhou

Organizer: Redtory Culture and Art Organization


The exhibition Jerusalem—Paintings by French Artist Gilles RIEU, hosted by Redtory will open on May 25, 2013. It will include RIEU’s most important serial paintings inspired by his adventures—Jerusalem, and also the series of 602 and Elephant. Born in Toulouse, the rose city, RIEU worked as a social worker with destitute children and adults before starting his career as a full time artist. Experiences and imageries from his first career have helped in enriching his career as an artist. His works were displayed and collected around the world.


As an artist and also a poet, RIEU travelled a lot: from New York in America to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, from Athens in Greece to Jerusalem in Israel. He stayed for a long time in each city to experience the local culture. Based on real experience and everyday life, most of his works are about his encounters in different cities; and with this special way of creating, his works become interactions between and fusions of his own style and the local cultural elements.


Among numerous memories, the creating of the serial Jerusalem is the most unforgettable. According to the Jewish religious law Talmud, “ten measures of beauty descended to the world, nine were taken by Jerusalem.” In such a city filled with differences—different cultures, different religions, different nationalities, and different strata—RIEU was inspired by its in-between of beauty and chaos, and thus created this wonderful series of paintings.


RIEU considers art as a reflection of the real life experience of the artist. His works, incorporating of calligraphy, collage and mixed media, are not constructed from distant histories but genuine vitality, and are able to present a sense of floating beauty with rich colors and a unique style. He uses images, characters and varied strokes to express his sentiment of life brought about by his journey. RIEU’s works, filtering out the noises and worries of the reality, create an extraordinarily sensitive and dynamic world.


Jerusalem 9, Gilles RIEU, mixed media on paper,100×65cm, 2000

Jerusalem 12, Gilles RIEU, Mixed media on paper, 100×65cm, 2000

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