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Five Years On — In Memories of 512 Photography Exhibition


Opening: 15:00, April 29

Duration: April 29 –May 26, 2013

Venue: E8, E9 Redtory, Guanzhou



Any man"s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind.

-- Hemingway


On May 12, 2008 at 14:28, an earthquake of magnitude 8 hit Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province, China. In memory of the earthquake disaster five years ago, Deng Bo is holding a photography exhibition Five Years On—Memories of 512,Through his works of documentary photography, we can once more feel people’s sadness and staunchness during a disaster. Today, things have changed, on April 20, 2013 at 20:02, a magnitude 7 earthquake has hit Lushan County ,Ya’an City in Sichuan Province.of Sichuan Province. As this photographic exhibition’s displays show, disaster has tears, sadness, but also hope and smile. Let us stand together, wipe away the scars and believe in our future.

    Deng Bo, a Leizhou man born in 1972. He is a senior reporter for Yangcheng Evening News as well as a well-known documentary photographer. His works on humanity and portrait are equally important, sensitive and full of impact. He is the author of The Most Beautiful Scar on the Face of Earth—Discover the Great Rift Valley.  Twice he won the China News Award, repeatedly winning the gold, silver and bronze at the China News Photography Award, 15 times Guangdong News Award, and was awarded as the Best Photographer in Asia Region. Twice awarded the silver prize in the Chinese International Media Photography Competition, achieved the highest honor in the large scale photographic exhibition on environmental protection organized by the Central Advertising Agency, and was awarded the second prize in United Nation’s third annual  international ethnic photographic competition, the Human Contribution Award.

A month after the earthquake on  May 122008, he went to the disaster area and recorded the historical disaster event comprehensively in different perspectives and techniques, truthfully, and three dimensionally. Covering the occurrence, geopolitical transition, natural scenery, human environment, national policy and international aid in panoramic views. Sharing with the sufferer’s fate and their sadness, he recorded this major ecological disaster using a new kind of immersive style in news photography.

 A month ago, to commemorate the fifth year of the earthquake, Deng Bo made a special return visit to Wenchuan. Using photos to record the survivors’ lives, and every photo tells a touching story. He believes in his conscience that it is the responsibility for being a reporter to record all the sorrows, happiness and hopes and show them to the world. Content is the greatest impact is the true meaning in photography, Deng Bo explained by using all his humbling photos. With detail observation of lives and the world, allowed him to gain a rich life experience. And he turns the experiences into photos, and passes them on to future generations.

    As a media reporter, he is the observer and recorder in this era. But this time, he is more of a witness. His recorded photographic works are the documentary films on paper, they are the photographer’s deep understanding of this cruel world, their witness to turbulence and sorrows, they are the images of history to us all.







With the advancement of modern science and technology, it seems we have turned Mother Nature into our slave. We tried to overcome nature by our abuse to the natural environments. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, climate changes, floods, landslides and mud slides are gradually becoming headline news in recent years. With the unpredictable and uncontrollable earthquakes, tsunamis and mud slides and other natural disasters, it is a worldwide problem. Being a member of the general public, we should have a duty of responsibility towards nature. In this era of disasters we all should be more respectful to life and give more love to nature. With the true vision through the camera lens, Redtory hopes we can regain the quality in our life and re-evaluate our relationship to Mother Nature.


In December 2010, Deng Bo’s exhibition Ten Year On- Spring Exodus in Redtory has attracted a great deal of attention and many appraisals from all corners of society. It has bought warmth, seriousness, hopes and frustration, this has given public a wakeup call.


After Ten Years On, Five Years On is now exhibiting in Redtory. Accompanied by the shadow of the trees and the serenity of the old buildings. This Five Years On is even more extraordinary. The scenes of rescues regardless of safety, the picture of the purist smile that can compensate for all the mishaps seems to be uncovering the secrets and the reality of life.


In 2008, Deng Bo entered deep into the earthquake zone, focused their lens onto these serene scenes, with collapsed buildings, ruined towns, stiff faces, calmly watching and witnessing history in the making in the aftermath.


Five years on in 2013, he revisited the disaster zone again, letting his camera doing the commentating. No bloodshed, no horror, no absurdity, no extreme tragedy. Deng Bo used a more gentle method to capture the minute details reflecting the shattered pieces of reality and in memory of the past.


On 20th April 2013 at 8.02 am, an earthquake of magnitude 7 struck Lushan County, Ya’an city in Sichuan Province. Another heavy blow for the people with another unexpected disaster happening in front of their eyes. By watching the silent photo images, we have never stop to pray for peace and for the safety of the people.


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