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-- Wang Zhenhu’s Oil Painting Exhibition


Opening: 10.30am, 29th April, 2013

Duration: April 29 - May26, 2013

Venue: F10, Iron Curtain Gallery, Guangzhou Redtory


Wang Zhenhu is a professional artist, born in Shandong Province in 1981, now living in Beijing. He graduated from Renmin University of China in 2005 at the Xu Beihong Arts College Oil Painting Department. With all the creative experience after his graduation, he succeeded in the quest to find more probable ways in visual experience. Through his works, its not hard to find that his Catharsis painting style has gradually changed into his own spiritual style, this is the essential difference at the time when people were keen to use new materials, new technologies and emphasize on the conceptual of visual communication.

Inconspicuous series was Wang Zhenhu’s creative theme works from the beginning of 2012, also it was his continuous works and development of 2011, represented the changed from spiritual to the real life. To emphasize the prospective between microcosmic and daily life, emphasize his personal experience, and rather than using aesthetic point of view to examine all of the painting’s objects, his paintings became very small. He began to pay attention to the things next to him, from a microcosmic prospective to explore the surrounding world, he mostly depicts little things in daily life, or may be some inconspicuous sceneries. Wang attempts to feel his life, feel the warmth of society, and by depicting them he can understand himself again. This is how he felt about himself also how he sees the current social condition and his concern about it, it is a test against his aesthetic judgment. As an artist, he emphasized there is a kind of microscopic perspective’s history and is this he wants to find in his works. These logical reasoning and cognitive process has always existed in his creative experiences. His works are persistent and coherent and he also gradually established his own independent artistic language system.

Doubt towards reality was the original intention in Wang’s works. He wants to give a strong sense of existence to his works, however, that is not an explanation to what he doubts. Instead, it strengthens the attitude of doubt of how he sees the society. Wang Zhenhu wants to make his works simpler and have lesser contents, the significance contained in his works has been intentionally weaken and in addition ,the narrative and didactic have also weaken, because he feel as an artist, he should expressed his true feelings and put forward questions to the society from his own point of view, but must not give answers to the questions.

If you want appreciation from others, you have to appreciate yourself first. This was what he has found after his recent creative experience. As he has hoped when his works would pleased himself, it will too touch the audience, allowed them to calmly enjoy those good feelings which have been ignored by us in our daily life.

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