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“The Moment” Mixed Media Art Exhibition

Opening: 15:00, 30th March, 2013

Venue: F10, Iron Curtain Gallery, Redtory

Organizer: Iron Curtain Gallery


Iron Curtain Gallery, Redtory will host the exhibition “The Moment” by Norwegian artist Erik Steffen Alvaer on 23rd March, 2013. This is his first solo exhibition in China. These exhibits reflect his feelings and experiences in China, in recent years.


Alvaer learned art history, media art and psychology in Oslo, Norway, in 1970s. He debuted on the Norwegian art scene “Vestlandsutstillingen (1984)”. Later on, he created a new artistic practice way—collage, which showed his foresight. And his works were also exhibited and collected by some galleries in Norway. Some people describe his works as “lyrical figuration” since the form of his works obeys the traditional specific. And he also is regarded as an expressionistic artist. In his works, there are not only collage, computer manipulation, colored chalks and pen, but also scrawl and some elements of street art. When clash, opposition, dream, humor and satire happen in one frame, an atmosphere sets up. An influential Norwegian Professor Gunnar Danbolt said, “His style, a blend of impressionist realism and the expressionist urge to convey moods and emotions, tells us that this is not just a rendering of what happened but also what feelings this evoked in the artist.”


Alvaer has been interested in Chinese culture and history and married a Chinese lady. In recent years, he had more creative inspiration when he worked and lived in Nanning for a while. It is the experience that gives him more liberty to proceed more art experiments. As Alvaer said, “China has to offer me that in many ways are tired of the western world so that I can challenge the culture that has shaped me most of my life.” That different cultures crash into each other is the theme of his latest works. And people can feel the diversity from Alvaer’s exhibits through the combination between western arts, like Picasso"s cubism woman, and Chinese: decorations, pop culture and animals. In fact, all of these in Alvaer’s works are not only concerned about eastern and western, but as a warehouse, which can be reused by him again and again, to create by those used.

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