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Duration: 2013.01.20-02.25

Opening: 14:30, 2013.01.26

Venue: E7E9, Redtory, Guangzhou

Organization: Redtory Culture & Art Organization

Exhibited Artists: Gan Mingzhi, Xie Yuanqing, Li Zhouwei, Wang Shaohao, Zheng Feng

After the exhibition, IN THE NAME OF CLASSMATES—GROUP EXHIBITION OF YOUTH ARTISTS hosted in last December, Redtory continually provides the platform for the youth artists so that they can show their talents and works to the public. And this opportunity can also push the artists forward and further, in their own attitude.

The 2nd exhibition of the series, INCEPTION—GROUP EXHIBITION OF YOUTH ARTISTS will be opened on 26th January. This exhibition is held by Redtory and five academic artists: Gan Mingzhi, Xie Yuanqing, Li Zhouwei, Wang Shaohao and Zheng Feng. The exhibition will show you how the artists stick to their self-expressions and to interact with the times in a positive way.

Gan Mingzhi, as an academic artist, can breezily finish any creations in any styles due to his rich experiences. However, he gradually decreases the signifiers of his works. By a comprehensive description of his young age experience, all the repressed and bad memories are turning to beautiful and nice images. Covered by the false sense of happiness, the reality maintains a slim and weak nervousness as a teenager and a sense of fear to the adult society.

Xie Yuanqing takes “fatty” as an allegory for his works in order to imply the times, in which everything, even human’s hearts are inflating. From his sculptures, we always can find our shallow portrait in different periods and from different aspects, just as shallow as the world we live in.

Li Zhouwei is the only female artists of the exhibition. When it comes to theme, layout and skills, she makes a breakthrough to combine modern creation methods with traditional Chinese ink-portrait paintings. She takes ink-painting figure as a basic creation unit and to form and shape a scene from the standpoint of a spectator, which make the scene not only dramatic but also rational.

Wang Shaohao’s woodcut represents his master traditional skill. He has researched and explored the movements and language of human body for a long time so that he can convey more but with fewer words.

From Zheng Feng’s lithographs, you may realize that he is affected by Goya—in a fairy tale but filled with morals, so the images of schoolgirl and pedant of the Republic of China with wings usually can be seen in his works. It seems to be a wonderful association with the nature; however, it is a reflection of the history.

  In the present impetuous atmosphere, the five artists stick to their ways to contact with the fast changing society. By their works, they shout and show their personality, creativity and the values. The exhibition represents the tendency and the desire of the artists who were born in 1970s -1980s and young teachers of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts to some extent.


Gan Mingzhi  Fairy Tale Passing Away  Oil Painting Canvas 108.5×88cm 2011

Xie Yuanqing Tree-man in Four Seasons·Autumn 23×45×85cm Bronze 2011

Wang Shaohao  Flowing wood-cut 150×60cm2008

Li Zhouwei  Dramatic Life  98×180cm 2011

Zheng Feng  Parade with Candles   60X42 cm

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