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Nomination by Wang Shouzhi 2


Design Teaching of Xiang Fan and Chen Xiongwei



Opening Ceremony:

5:00pm, 06 January 2013


06 January 2013 - 16 January 2013


E7, Redtory,Guangzhou


Wang Shouzhi 916 Studio

School of Visual Communication and Media Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts


Redtory Culture & Art Organization



Xiang Fan: Vice-professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Chen Xiongwei: Artist and visiting professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine



On 6th January, a nomination exhibition by Wang Shouzhi—"Faces"—Design Teaching of Xiang Fan and Chen Xiongwei will be hosted at E7, Redtory. On the occasion, the public can get a close contact with over 30 pieces of interactive artistic installations, which are created by the students, who major in Information Design from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.


This time, Xiang Fan and Chen Xiongwei are nominated by Wang Shouzhi. Xiang Fan is a design researcher, who has studied in Japan and America. And Chen Xiongwei is a multi-media artist, who is active in Beijing. In 2011, when Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts set a new major—Information Design, Xiang and Chen have participated in the new course with creative teaching ways. In their opinions, experiences create value. With the guidance of Xiang Fan and Chen Xiongwei, students find out more possibilities for creation and more values of stuff, they get the liveliest designing experience by self-experiences, observations, imitations and practices rather than doing bald data research.


Xiang Fan and Chen Xiongwei"s teaching method shows the spirit of modern education of design: let designer experience the demand of human beings. During the students" explorations, they created many "faces" between people and things. Those exhibited interactive installations will be triggered by audiences" behavior, from still and silence to shiny and dynamic. All of these will give the public an amazing and unique artistic experience. The achievement in multi-media art, interactive design, and information designs will be showed during this exhibition; in this case, people can come to Redtory and enjoy this experience.
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