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“Joint Exhibition on Behalf of My Classmates”


Duration: 16/12/2012~09/01/2013

Opening Ceremony: 330PM, December 23th, 2012  E7

Venue: E7&E9, Redtory, Guangzhou

Organization: Redtory Culture & Art Organization




Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art

1988:Meng Bin

1989: Zhao Lelin, Liang Jianbin, Fang Jing, Lu Feng, Peng Shanmei, Tang Shugang, Hua Wen,

Deng Wenkai, Ouyang Guojian

1990: Mai Zhixiong, Liu Sheng, Xu Dongsheng, Zeng Changhang, Tian Liusha, Yue Bin,

Huang Xiong

1991: Xu Yang, Xue Jun, Li Yuqin, Sun Haiying, Huang Minhua

1992: Luo Haitao, Zhang Suiyang, Li Cheng, Cai Ziwei, Chen Jianqiang

1994: Liu Hao


Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art

Hongbo, Li Jieqiong


On 16th December, on behalf of “classmates”, 29 young artists, who graduated from Oil Painting Department and Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art in 1990s, held a charity exhibition at Redtory. They displayed their works, from their childhood till now-- 20~30 years in order to inspire people with each other and to promote the tradition of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art.
 The Exhibition mainly displayed oil painting. At E7, there are the works from famous artist—Mai Zhixiong, who graduated in 1994 and exhibited two series of oil painting— Machine and Landscape, which were created in 1990s. In 1998, these works were exhibited in “Mondrian in China” travelling exhibition, which was organized by Netherlands Embassy. And the prominent feature of these works is fictionality. The artist combined objects in real with geometric figure showing in the paper that enhances the acquaintance with “Objects”. Mai Zhixiong used only three colors, which were selected strictly according to the color codes of printing. Inkjet and hand draw, these two ways jointly shape a critical state between clear and contradictory, in the meanwhile, the exhibition also shown some Mai Zhixiong’s installation works made by wood industrial mould in recent years.





Landscape Series A 3


Landscape Series B 1 


Landscape Series—Holy Place 2


Machine Series A

Machine Series No.2 5



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